GradRat @ MIT

The ring to commemorate your graduate experience at MIT


Pricing of GradRat Ring options

Prices apply for GradRat and Signet Rings
Bezel Size* Celestrium™Fusion™ ARG™ Gold 10k Gold 14k Gold 18k
XS $150 $240 $245 $379 $523 $730
S 💍 $150 $240 $255 $463 $640 $920
M 👁 💍 $150 $240 $270 $576 $814 $1,153
L 👁 $150 $240 $285 $705 $1,005 $1,470
💍Signet Rings are only available in sizes S and M.
👁 Beaver eye customizations are only available for sizes M and L.

* Please note that the bezel size is independent of the ring size. See Bezel Size Comparison at the bottom of this page for more information.

Prices effective from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. 

Ring price includes:  

  • Your ring, made to order and customized to your specifications (takes approximately 6-8 weeks).

  • Engraving of up to 18 characters inside the ring (e.g. name or initials).

  • Natural or antique finish. (For RAW finish, add $50.)

  • Option to change Graduation Year/Degree/Department one time for free.

  • Four Year Ring Loss Protection Plan. Details here.

  • Ring Warranty. See warranty page for details.

Available Additions

  • Beaver Eye Stone Encrusting: Red Stone or CZ Stone, $10; Diamond, $30. Only available for rings with Large or Medium Bezel.

  • Cherry Keepsake Box: $15, if purchased with a Gold GradRat; $30 otherwise .

  • Extended, 10 year Ring Loss Protection Plan: Can be purchased for $29.95. Details here.

Payment Options

  • Pay in full: Pay with cash, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, or Discover), check (made payable to Balfour), or money order. PayPal can be used for online orders with a minimum purchase of $99.

  • Interest-free credit card installment plan: The total amount of the ring (including shipping and sales tax) will be divided into up to 6 equal monthly payments with a $25 minimum deposit. There is no interest or additional charge using this plan. The ring will be delivered at the next delivery event or within 8 weeks, even if the payments are not finished.

Special Offer

You can purchase a Celestrium™ GradRat or Signet Ring for only $75 or a Fusion™ ring for only $175 when also purchasing a GradRat in Gold. Both rings must be purchased at the same time for the same person and with the same specifications. Interest-free payment plans are not available for the discounted bonus ring.

Delivery Options

As each ring is made to order, manufacturing your custom GradRat takes approximately 6-8 weeks. The GradRat team hosts several delivery events on campus throughout the year, as well as Federal Express delivery directly to the student.

Delivery Events: Delivery events are a fun way to pick up your ring with other grads while celebrating with free food and drinks. Events are typically held on campus in locations such as the Bush Room, Walker Memorial, Media Lab, etc. Check the GradRat Events Calendar for details.

Federal Express (FedEx) Delivery: If you will not be on campus during the delivery events and need your ring sent to you via Federal Express there is no problem. A $14.95 shipping charge will be added. International shipping is available for extra cost.

Bezel Size Comparison

Bezel size is not the same as the ring size. The bezel is the top of the ring that showcases the design and its size determines the overall volume of the ring. Needless to say, its size also determines the amount of detail visible in the design features. The ring size is determined by the size of your finger. To get sized (and order a ring), join us at one of our events!

Bezel size and ring size are largely independent of each other. However, some limitations apply for particularly small or large ring sizes: Rings with large and medium bezels can be ordered for ring sizes 5.5 to 22; rings with small or extra small bezel are available for ring sizes 2.5 to 20.

GradRat Size Chart - white font.png