GradRat @ MIT

The ring to commemorate your graduate experience at MIT




What is GradRat?

GradRat is the official Graduate Ring of MIT! Like its undergraduate counterpart — the Brass Rat ring — the GradRat is 100% student designed by a committee of graduate students spanning all five schools at MIT.

How often is the GradRat redesigned?

The GradRat ring is redesigned every 5 years. The previous redesign occurred in 2013, and the current design was  decided upon in 2018.

Who can order a GradRat?

In order to be eligible to purchase the GradRat, you have to either currently be enrolled as an MIT graduate student or have graduated from an MIT graduate program (i.e. be a graduate alum).

If I graduated on or before 2018, will I still be able to order the 2013-2018 design?

Absolutely! Just let us know when you are ordering that you prefer the ring with the older design from 2013-2018.

What if my graduation year, department, or degree type changes?

You can have the ring updated one time free of charge.  

What's the symbol for my department? What does it mean?

Please check the ring customizer tool on this webpage. It describes all the icons of all the departments.

Where can I order if I missed the representatives when they were at MIT?

Outside of sales events advertised on our calendar, you can order the ring throughout the year online and over the phone. If none of these options work for you, please get in touch  and we will find another way for you to get the ring.

When will I get my ring?

Each ring is made to order and manufacturing the ring takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Please check the ordering and delivery pages for full details on the ordering and delivery schedules.

What if I can't go to the delivery event?

Balfour representatives will be on campus after the delivery events and you can pick up your ring from them. If you are unable to come to such an event, your ring can be shipped directly to you for extra cost.

I don't like some symbols in the ring. What do I do?

The committee worked hard to represent graduate life in symbols and images within the Bezel of the ring and we understand that not everybody will be in love with all aspects of the design choices made. However, keep in mind that most details on the ring are a lot less obtrusive on the real ring than on the drawings in the zoomed-in art presented on the webpage and the brochure due to the actual size of the rings. The beaver is the only bezel feature that stands out a casual glance; to really see any of the "hidden pictures", you need to be looking very closely, at which point they're humorous conversational features. 

How long will the current design remain?

The contract for the GradRat is a five year contract. Therefore the current design will be the Official MIT Graduate Ring from the Fall of 2018 till June 30th, 2023. The GradRat will be redesigned again during the spring/summer of 2023.